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The River Knows

– The Düssel –

The exhibition The River Knows shows a selection of black and white photographs from Ira Vinokurova's current series on the Düssel. For Ira Vinokurova, the history of the river is symbolic of the changing relationship between man and nature. Since 2016, the photographer has been dealing with the river, exploring its peculiarity as a natural being. The artist places the "essence" of the Düssel as a self-sufficient natural element in the context of urban development and its relationship to the Düssel.


The exhibition in the gallery combines the classical presentation of art with digital and interactive media. AR technology and 360° shots of the natural environment create additional levels and expand the gallery space. In nature all along the Düssel, the artworks of Ira Vinokurova can be experienced through an interactive route. Gallery, virtual space and the natural space become one overall concept.

Ira Vinokurova


takes her photographs while the sun is lowdown in the morning and evening. In this series, the artist works exclusively in analogue. The hand prints are preceded by many studies in the darkroom until the final result is achieved. Some of her photographs are partially coloured with a bronze tone. In her finely differentiated photographs, she creates a mysterious, almost magical image of the river between beauty and darkness.

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Swipe left for more images

A series of works that follows the river paintings shows nature in the immediate vicinity of the Düssel. The artist Ira Vinokurova expands her pictorial space and connects the urban space with the natural and river landscape.

© Galerie Clara Maria Sels

Photography is like a part of me that I use, similar to a language. Photography gives me the possibility to see things behind the physical reality; it is like a bridge between the declared reality and my perception.

Ira Vinokurova

Born in Kaliningrad, Russia in 1975.

She lives and works in Düsseldorf.

2000 – 2010

Art Academy Düsseldorf with Prof. Thomas Ruff (master student) and academy degree with Prof. Christopher Williams

1995 – 1997 

Moscow State University of Arts and Culture with specialisation in directing for film and television

1991 – 1995

Musical education at the Rachmaninov Music College in Kaliningrad, Russia


Art Walk on the Düssel

Using AR technology, you can experience the Düssel and Ira Vinokurova's photographs interactively.

Many thanks to the City Archive of the state capital Düsseldorf for providing the historical photos and maps.

The project is supported by the Stiftung Kunstfonds / Neustart Kultur.